With Flex box, energy utilities can now optimise the electricity demand of residential end-customers

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How to get the residential electricity demand more flexible?

Optimise your operational margins and offer rewards to your end-customers by reducing their bill and their carbon footprint

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During off-peak hours, the Flex Box is recharged with carbon-free electricity

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An all-in-one plug & play solution, easy to install

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    The heart of our solution: an easy-to-use device which you can plug into any standard power outlet and connects to the internet via your wifi connection. FLEX BOX stores electricity in its 1kWh li-ion battery and returns it when needed thanks to its integrated bidirectional inverter.

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    A universal interface connected with the smart meter installed in the households: the electricity consumption is optimised in real-time thanks to a low-power and secured wireless technology.

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    The simplest way to manage the flexibility of your end-customers: get the most accurate and actionable data on the available capacity in any area.

fractal platform

Generate new revenues with upward and downward flexibility thanks to our aggregated assets

The management of the demand-side flexibility and the available aggregated capacity is finally made easy

Fractal Energy

Optimise up to 80% of the flexibility of your end-customers

A new generation of services now available for your end-customers.

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Request your access to the most responsive aggregation platform

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Get ready for the next revolution in residential demand-side management

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Our solution will be available in 2023 but you can contact us to learn more.

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